Youth Ministry Leader

Youth Ministry Leader

Purpose: This role exists to lead students into a vital relationship with Christ and to equip them with a biblical worldview.

1. Plan and lead Sunday morning youth class and two Sunday evening meetings for middle and high school.
2. Attend and participate in a MSPC Sunday morning worship service.
3. Plan monthly Youth Ministry Team meetings to organize quarterly and annual youth events, such as the youth mission trip or retreats.
4. Provide discipleship, friendship, spiritual care, and leadership to the youth and their families.
5. Participate and interact with the community as a representative of our church; for example, being among youth “on their turf” at Madeira Jr. /Sr. High or Indian Hill Jr. /Sr. High school events.

1. Has a sincere personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a faith based on God’s Word.
2. Is spiritual, joy-filled, creative, giving and has a passion for sharing the love of Christ.
3. Demonstrates spiritual maturity, self-discipline, and responsibility.
4. Wants to grow spiritually and in the leadership of students.
5. Demonstrates humility and a teachable spirit.
6. Demonstrates a love for people, especially youth and parents.

1. Has experience (either formal or informal) working with students in a youth ministry.
2. Can plan and execute a biblical lesson while maintaining youth interest.
3. Possesses a strong work ethic and is self-motivated.
4. Is committed to building and growing our youth program.
5. Has an outgoing, engaging personality to reach out to all of God’s children.
6. Has the ability to disciple believing students and speak the gospel intelligently to youth within a cultural context.

Reporting to: The Youth Ministry Leader will have a strong working relationship with the Senior Pastor and the Youth Ministry Team.

Hours & Wage:
10-12 hours a week @ $15/hour