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Meals Ministry  – Meal Train
Providing meals for your friends is a gracious gift.  It’s one that lasts long in their memory after the food is finished and the dishes put away. When people you know are recovering from surgery or an accident, caring for a new baby, suffering from a death in the family, preparing for moving day, experiencing a financial hardship, or consumed with tending to a sick child, a great way to ease your friends’ burden is by gifting them with a meal.

Doing so can be just what the doctor ordered, and not just because the food provides for their physical needs. Your meal, planned with care, made with love, and hand-delivered at a time when your friends are in the midst of stress, change, pain, or uncertainty, is an emotional salve of friendship more healing than most prescription drugs.

Thank you for providing our friends at MSPC with the gift of a meal.  Listed below are the current open Meal Trains.  If you would like to provide a meal, send an email to and request the link to sign up.