Madeira-Silverwood Presbyterian Church


Vacation Bible School

June 26th – June 30th

9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Ages: 3- 10 YEAR OLDS 
(Childcare available for babies and toddlers)

Advanced registration is requested by June 26th.  The cost is FREE!!!!! Once you have completed your registration we will email you a detailed information sheet with what to do when you get here and what to bring with you.

Do you have additional questions?  Email us at or call us at 513-791-4470.

To register just complete the following forms:

  1. Registration with Dismissal Info. and Photo Consent – Page 1
  2. Emergency Contact and Medical Information (please complete and submit a separate form for each child) – Page 2
Name and Address
Name and Address
(name) will pick up my child/children each day from VBS (note needed if a different individual is to make pick up) Please also provide relationship to the child.
permission for my child/children to be photographed during VBS and for MSPC to use photos for preparation of program presentation or posting on website and/or social media.
Please enter your first and last name above as your signature to provide or not provide consent for use of photos.
Provide date of signature.